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Introduction to Morse Code Translator

We have developed a powerful tool to convert text into Morse code and vice versa. Yes, you can use it to translate and generate Morse code as required. It is highly functional and intuitive—making it easier to practice Morse code for communication skills.

Enter the string you want to convert into the text box, and our Morse Code Generator will cover you. Its handy control buttons allow you to play, pause, stop, and even loop your Morse Code translation. You can also mute the sound if you prefer. Our Morse Code Tool also features an intuitive interface that displays the Morse Code translation with lights and sound. If you prefer, you can hide this tool section with just one click.

If you wish to customize your translation experience, our tool has advanced settings allowing you to configure the frequency, character speed, Farnsworth speed, and volume. You can also adjust the text size and Morse code to suit your preferences.

How Does Morse Code Decoder Tool Work? how-work-image

Here’s how you can use our translate to morse code tool to switch between simple text and Morse Code in real time:

Quick Translation

Using our tool, you can easily translate text into code or vice versa as follows:

Enter String to Convert:
Enter Morse Code to Convert:

Text to Morse Code

When you access our tool, it automatically unlocks the “Text to Morse Code” mode. You must “enter the string to convert” into the text box. Our Morse Code Generator will effectively handle the rest.

You can click the “copy” or “download” icons to save the Morse Code for later use.

Morse Code to Text

Click on “Morse Code to Text” and it will change our tool’s mode, enabling you to translate the code. Simply “enter the Morse Code” into the text box. Our Morse Code Decoder will display results right away.

Click the “copy” or “download” icons to save the Morse Code Translation.

Control Buttons


Leverage the following functions to control our Morse Code Tool according to your needs:

  • Play the Morse Code with Lights
  • Pause the Morse Code in Between
  • Stop the Morse Code from Playing
  • Repeat the Morse Code on Loop
  • Mute the Morse Code Sound

Setting Options

Click on “Options” and gain access to advanced settings, which enables you to do the following:

Show/Hide Lights

Our tool automatically shows the section where Morse Code is played with lights and sound. You can click “Hide” if you don’t want it displayed. When required, just click on “Show” to display it again.


Configure Sounds

Click on “Configure” if you want to make any changes to the following:

  • Alphabets
  • Frequency
  • Character Speed
  • Farnsworth Speed
  • Volume
"Telegraph Sounder" is the original clicky noise mostly used with American (not International) Morse; the "CW Radio Tone" is the modern beep sound used in radio.
Frequency (Hz)
Frequency in Hz. A high number makes a high pitched sound. 550 is a good value.
Character speed
The character speed in words per minute, taking PARIS as the standard word.
Farnsworth speed
The Farnsworth speed adjusts the space between letters and words, making it easier to learn Morse. It should be a lower value than the speed.
Volume 100
Volume from 0 to 100.

Adjust Size

Click on the “Increase” or “Decrease” buttons to change the size of the text and code, respectively. It will help you to read with clarity as required.


Functionalities of Morse Code Decoder 

Our Morse Code Tool is the perfect solution for all Morse Code enthusiasts since it lets you switch between code and text as required. From translating Morse Code to generating it, our tool has you all covered. Based on high-performing algorithms, our intuitive tool effectively works to meet your needs and help you learn Morse Code.


Morse Code Generator - Convert Text Into Morse Code

Whether you want to practice Morse Code or simply need to encode a secret message, Our Morse Code Generator will have you covered. It offers a range of functionalities to ensure you can effectively translate text into Morse Code whenever required. 

You can type or paste the desired text into the input box. Our Morse Code Encoder tool will automatically generate the Morse code and the accompanying sound and light signals. It enables you to customize your experience to meet your preferences. From adjusting the sound speed to changing the font size and configuring other essential elements—our tool lets you do everything you need to generate Morse Code like a pro. You can access it anywhere, anytime. It will translate text into Morse Code with 100% accuracy and efficiency.


Morse Code Decoder - Translate Morse Code Into Text

Whether you wish to decipher an old telegraph message or practice for fun—our tool makes it simpler to decode Morse Code with just a few clicks. It is a Morse Code Decoder that easily translates Morse Code to readable English text. 

Our Morse Code Translator is valuable for anyone interested in learning the Morse Code language. With its range of customizable functions and settings, users can easily adjust the tool to their preferences, such as individual learning styles. The accompanying light signals, audio sound, and adjustable speed make translating and learning the code simpler and straightforward. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner—our Morse Code Converter can help you master this fascinating secret language.

Benefits of Using Our Morse Code Translator

We have built a tool that’s powerful, high-performing, intuitive, and valuable. Yes–our Morse Code translate tool is the ultimate solution to meet your needs. Here’s what it offers to make your experience with Morse code more seamless and enjoyable:



With our Morse code solver, you can quickly and easily translate Morse code messages into a simple text or spoken language—making it possible for people with hearing or visual impairments to understand and participate in Morse code conversations. Not only this, but you can also easily learn to translate simple text into Morse—to master Morse Code communication.



Using our Morse code translator, you can ensure that your messages are error-free. It is based on advanced algorithms that always succeed in generating or deciphering Morse Code. Whether you are sending a critical message in a high-pressure situation—or simply trying to communicate with someone—our Morse code reader will help you convey your message precisely and clearly.



Thanks to our Morse translator, you can streamline the process of creating and understanding Morse code messages—saving time and increasing efficiency. It quickly converts Morse code signals into text or vice versa. Whether you are a ham radio operator or someone trying to communicate in code, our tool will help you quickly generate or understand Morse Code.

International Morse Code

A .-
B -...
C -.-.
D -..
E .
F ..-.
G --.
H ....
I ..
J .---
K -.-
L .-..
M --
N -.
O ---
P .--.
Q --.-
R .-.
S ...
T -
U ..-
V ...-
W .--
X -..-
Y -.--
Z --..
0 -----
1 .----
2 ..---
3 ...--
4 ....-
5 .....
6 -....
7 --...
8 ---..
9 ----.
. .-.-.-
, --..--
? ..--..
' .----.
! -.-.--
/ -..-.
( -.--.
) -.--.-
& .-...
: ---...
; -.-.-.
= -...-
+ .-.-.
- -....-
" .-..-.
$ ...-..-
@ .--.-.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Morse code decoder?

The Morse code decoder is an online tool designed to interpret and convert Morse code signals into readable text. For the record, Morse code is a method of transmitting messages through a series of short and long signals—known as dots and dashes. If you want to decode Morse Code in real time, use our tool. It will help you translate Morse code without any delays or errors.

Can I learn Morse code without a translator?

Yes, it is possible to learn Morse code without a translator. Remember that Morse code is a secretive yet straightforward language consisting of only two essential elements: dots and dashes. You study the Morse code chart, practice with a Morse code key, and repeatedly listen to Morse code signals to learn it. Check out our guide for the best resources to learn Morse code.

What is “N” in Morse code?

In Morse code, a dash followed by a dot (–.) represents the letter "N". It is one of the most commonly used letters in the English language and has a unique space in Morse code. Use our Morse Code Generator to encode the letter N or N-based words.

What does 3 dots mean in Morse code?

In Morse code, three dots (.) represent the letter "S". It is one of the easiest to remember, as it is represented by three short and quick signals. Use our Morse Decoder to practice it yourself. Use our tool for a quick Morse Code translation—of 3 dots.

What is "Hello" in Morse code?

"Hello" in Morse code is represented as ".... . .-.. .-.. ---". It's a friendly way to say "hello" in the language of dots and dashes. Learn more from our detailed guide.

What does one blink in Morse code mean?

In Morse code, one blink or dot (.) represents the letter "E". The letter "E" is the most commonly used letter in English. It is also one of the easiest letters to remember and recognize.

How can I say "Help me" in Morse code?

To convey the message Help me in Morse code, use the sequence: ".... . .-.. .--. / -- .". Morse code is a fascinating way to send messages using dots and dashes, historically vital in communication.

How do you write SOS in Morse code?

In Morse code, SOS is written as three short signals, followed by three long signals, and then three short signals again. It is represented as "... --- ...". The acronym SOS does not actually stand for anything, but it is a universally recognized signal for distress in an emergency. Check out our detailed guide.

How to say “I Love You” in Morse Code?

"I Love You" can be expressed in Morse code as ".. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..-" or numerically as 143 (where 1 = I, 4 = Love, and 3 = You). This romantic code is a sweet way to convey your affection in a unique and thoughtful manner. Learn more from our detailed guide.

How do you say “Goodbye” in Morse code?

In Morse code, "goodbye" is represented as "--. --- --- -.. -... -.-- ." This code is a traditional way to bid farewell or say goodbye uniquely and historically.

Is "Morse code" capitalized?

No, Morse code is not case-sensitive. It consists of combinations of dots and dashes representing letters, numbers, and symbols, regardless of whether they are uppercase or lowercase.

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